For many organizations, their current products and services, sold within their traditional geographic markets, do not offer the revenue growth opportunities they once did.  With newly emerging competitors carving away at their market share, business strategists often find themselves challenged with how to continue to grow and expand.

Some look to serve their traditional markets with new products and service lines.  Others consider expanding into new regions, domestically or globally, while others consider amending their existing solutions to serve entirely new customer segments.

These are all are viable approaches to growing revenue and market share; however, to be successful, these potential opportunities must be studied to determine viability, and if viability is confirmed, studied further to develop the most effective plan to go to market.

Maia provides customized research and analyses on our clients’ market growth opportunities. Then Maia assesses the viability of the opportunity and recommends “Go-to-Market” strategies that align our clients’ core competencies.

Our core services include an evaluation of:

  • Market Sizing, Segmentation & Growth
  • Market Dynamics & Trends
  • Economic & Geopolitical Environment
  • Competitive Landscape
  • Customer Landscape