At Maia Strategy, we help our clients develop a 360° view of their business-to-business customer universe.  This can include critical support at every stage of the customer acquisition, retention, and growth processes.

Our Customer Barometer measures customer satisfaction, from the customer onboarding process and throughout the lifecycle of their experience with your organization.  Each component of Maia’s Customer Barometer is designed to work as a stand-alone service or in combination with the various services we offer.  Armed with an understanding of your goals and objectives, we design a research plan to uncover valuable qualitative insights and intelligence that will fuel our analysis.  We then transform our findings into a set of recommended strategies and tactics designed to grow the revenue of your products and services.

Our research methodology involves engaging customers and other key market stakeholders in robust, one-on-one, conversations to develop a granular understanding of their challenges, needs, and buying habits.  We then analyze these valuable insights, within the context of the products and services that are available in the market today, to provide a clear roadmap of how to effectively outmaneuver and outperform even your toughest competitors.

Maia’s Customer Barometer encompasses seven distinct areas of evaluation. These include:

  1. Voice of Customer and Customer Needs Assessment
  2. Product & Service Development & Testing
  3. Marketing & Value Proposition
  4. Customer Acquisition & Win/Loss Analysis
  5. Onboarding & Customer Service
  6. Likelihood-to-Recommend
  7. Account Loss & Retention