Top-performing companies develop products and services that align with overall company objectives while exploiting growth opportunities.  We support our clients’ product development efforts in all phases of product development and product lifecycle management through the following services:

  • Product Innovation/New Product Development Support: We help our clients to identify “gaps” in the market ripe for new products, support business-case development via competitive and market entry analysis, and provide thought leadership and subject matter expertise.
  • Pipeline Strategy: Our clients rely on Maia Strategy Group’s market intelligence to understand the product pipeline and launch strategies of competitors.  We have significant expertise in examining intellectual property filings and registered clinical studies.
  • Product Features/Functionality Assessments:  Maia Strategy’s clients utilize Maia Strategy Group to provide comparisons of features/functionalities for pre-launch and newly launched products.  This information allows our client to prepare a timely competitive response, while informing current product development efforts.
  • R&D Benchmarking and Best Practices:  We help our clients to benchmark their R&D structure and practices vs. competitors and best-in-class organizations.  This informs investment decision-making and strategic planning.
  • Product Retirement and Patent Cliff Planning:  Maia Strategy helps clients to understand competitors’ last-stage strategies.