Few industries have not been fundamentally changed by advances in information technology over the past several years, and this disruption is likely to continue nearly unchecked. Organizations are looking for increasingly agile, responsive, intuitive, and scalable solutions to address their business challenges while cloud-enabled or “as a service” models are increasingly becoming the dominant paradigm.

Maia Strategy works with a range of IT providers across issues ranging from infrastructure outsourcing and hardware manufacture to big data analytics and machine learning. We also support top executives at some of the largest global organizations as they seek to leverage these advances in technology to capture new opportunities, outmaneuver the competition, and build sustainable competitive advantage.

Our broad experience in IT includes:

  • IT Infrastructure & Hardware Development
  • IT Outsourcing & Managed Services
  • IaaS / PaaS / SaaS / DaaS
  • Big Data Management & Analytics
  • Automation & Machine Learning