The rising costs of health care, our aging population and health care reform, have all had a profound impact on the Health Insurance industry, and potential shifts in government policy are introducing increased uncertainty.  Health Plans are facing dramatic challenges as they work to address the quest for value, affordability, the means to innovate as they face increasing legislation and the changing role of the consumer.

Maia’s team of health care experts work with regional and national health plans to better understand competitive threats, identify innovative ways to address employer group needs, and how to tap into new sources of revenue.  Our team reaches out into the market and speaks one-on-one with industry stakeholders, such as agents and brokers, competitors, consulting firms, and other industry participants to uncover detailed insight on their marketplace.  The result is a first-hand, and unbiased, understanding of the market’s needs, next moves and best-practices.  Armed with insights that will guide innovation, our Health Plan clients are far better positioned to win and retain new members.