Times have never been more challenging in the Life Sciences sector. Companies must continually develop new, innovative, life-changing therapies in the face of ever increasing competition, government regulation, and pricing pressures. Additionally, generic incursion and biosimilar developments continue to threaten established therapies.

Maia recognizes that the development of innovative, industry leading drugs, therapies, and health technologies is dependent on having a winning combination of science, strategy, and company vision. In addition to these factors, the most successful companies also maintain a keen awareness of their competitive landscapes, to ensure quick responses to market challenges, and continue to deliver healthcare solutions to their patient populations.

Maia focuses on helping its clients develop and maintain effective commercialization strategies that set them apart from their competition. Maia’s project teams have supported clients in efforts ranging from  a sales force planning study that led to a smaller, but more efficient and profitable sales team, to pre-launch planning efforts that helped our client build an effective, ethical market warming campaign in advance of a product launch.  Simply put, we make our clients more competitive by delivering actionable insights about their customers, competitors, and markets. Maia’s expertise includes:

  • Competitor Monitoring
  • Pharma Conference Coverage
  • Sales and Marketing Organizational Benchmarking
  • Competitor Product Launch Strategies
  • Voice of the Customer Research
  • Patient Assistance Program Benchmarking
  • M&A Due Diligence