Our client, a global specialty pharmaceuticals manufacturer, required information about a competitor’s manufacturing strategy for a newly developed biosimilar product. The biosimilar utilized an injectable delivery system, requiring multiple sub-component and component parts. Our client required detailed information regarding the Contract Manufacturing (CMO) partners contracted to design, manufacture, and assemble components for the biosimilar product. This information would help to inform our client’s future sourcing and manufacturing strategy.

The product was in a pre-launch stage, and very little information was available via secondary sources.


Secondary information regarding the pipeline and strategic plans of the competitors was unavailable. Maia Strategy conducted interviews with key stakeholders, in India, Europe and China. Via detailed primary research, Maia Strategy was able to determine very detailed information regarding the following:

• CMO Partners for subcomponents, components, and assembly
• Manufacturing capacity/capabilities of each partner
• Competitor’s selection criteria for the manufacturing partners
• Demand forecasts for the biosimilar
• Insights Regarding Launch (when/where, etc.)



Maia Strategy provided detailed information regarding the CMO organizations contracted to develop the device including their manufacturing capacity and capabilities. This allowed our client to prepare a thorough competitive response in advance of the launch.