The client, a global provider of CRM and business outsourcing services, sought to improve its implementation process. The client had received information suggesting that some of its competitors had the ability to implement competing solutions faster, and with higher degrees of customer satisfaction. The client approached Maia to validate this information, and to suggest improvements to its implementation process based on market-accepted best practices.


Maia utilized two-phased primary research methodology in which it studied the competitors identified by the client to understand how the competitors positioned their implementation processes, and then interviewed customers to validate the authenticity of the competitor’s claims.


Maia’s research found that all competitors in the study had adopted an implementation approach that prioritized speed of implementation over depth of features and functionality for their midmarket CRM products. Additionally, all the competitors that were studied utilized an implementation staffing model which ensured that customers would receive constant communication from a single point of contact. This consultative approach was highly appreciated by customers, as it made them feel more involved in the implementation process. Finally, the competitors with the most successful implementation processes utilized a rigorous pre-launch testing environment to prepare the client for launch, and had members of the implementation team remain onsite after launch to ensure proper functionality of their product. Maia recommended that the client adopt these best practices, and provided the client recommended implementation process that utilized competitors’ best practices that were most appreciated by customers.


Maia’s research confirmed the client’s hypothesis about its implementation process, and allowed the client to confidently move forward with modifications based on Maia’s recommendations. These modifications made the client’s product more competitive in the marketplace, and resulted in a higher level of customer satisfaction.