The client, a global provider of IT systems and solutions, was seeking to replace its “homegrown” HR portal and recruiting system with an effective and user-friendly human capital management solution. This solution would be a major IT investment, and would affect future recruiting, hiring, training, and benefits tracking. To aid and inform the selection process, our client required a comprehensive analysis of the human capital management solutions of competitors and “best-in-class” out-of-industry companies.


Maia studied four competitors and two out-of-industry “best-in-class” companies. In Phase I, Maia conducted in-depth secondary research to identify competitors’ HR solution vendors, and to identify “best-in-class” companies with operational models similar to those of our client. In Phase II, Maia Strategy conducted twenty (20) in-depth, qualitative interviews with the HR departments identified during Phase I.


Maia’s research found that key competitors and “best-in-class” companies were investing in integrated human capital management software to better manage business lifecycle challenges. These offerings contain “big data” analytics tools to drive data-driven insights into workforce trends, and inform decision-making for recruitment, benefits, and performance. Maia Strategy’s research uncovered challenges/weaknesses of specific offerings, and provided a check-list of the most valued features and functionality for a world-class, integrated human capital management solution.


Maia’s research and recommendations supported the clients’ decision-making. The client carefully selected and integrated a human capital management solution with a robust data- analytics reporting feature. Maia Strategy Group’s client noted that the study helped the team to avoid potential pitfalls and to demonstrate a positive ROI within 16 months of the implementation.