A major commercial Jan/San provider wanted to expand its presence in Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden, but lacked a comprehensive understanding of the competitive landscape in these geographies.


Maia conducted extensive secondary research and primary research utilizing local market languages to assess the competitive environment in these Nordic countries. Maia assessed the range of competitors, their market share, revenue, gross and operating margins, key product categories, service capabilities, and differentiation strategy. In addition, Maia conducted a SWOT analysis of the top 5 competitors in each country.


Through obtaining an understanding of the competitive landscape in each market, Maia determined which market offered the greatest opportunity for our client to win share against established competitors. Maia identified where our client’s strengths and core competencies can clearly exploit the competitors’ weaknesses and disrupt the market. In addition, Maia identified several “whitespace” opportunities in these countries.


From having minimal presence in these markets, our client is now ranked in the top 5 commercial Jan/San providers throughout the Nordic region.