Our client, a global medical device manufacturer, was facing increasing downward pricing pressure from two new market entrants, based in Korea and Taiwan. These competitors were gaining market share in the APAC and North American market. To combat this threat and prepare a competitive response, our client required a thorough analysis of the two companies. The competitive analysis focused on the following scope areas:

• Competitor Growth strategy
• Manufacturing capacity/capabilities
• Value chain analysis (including margin information for competitive offerings)
• Analysis of product chemistry, features and functionality
• Target markets (geographic focus, patient and health care provider targets)
• Channel partner/distributor strategy for each geography


There was very little public information available about these two companies. Maia Strategy was required to conduct extensive research and analysis within Korea and Taiwan.



Maia Strategy provided the client with detailed information regarding the competitors’ strategy, manufacturing capabilities and production costs, pricing and margin information. Our client prepared an effective competitive response, focusing on product features/functionality and device accuracy. This strategy helped our client to regain market share in APAC and North America, and proactively address future competition in Eastern Europe.