Maia is only as good as our people.  And our people are great!  

When you couple this with a culture that is intensely focused on professional development and promotion, then you have our “secret sauce”.   At Maia, we hire extremely bright, self-motivated individuals that understand that accountability and professional ownership is critical to success.   Our training curriculum, mentorship program and six-month performance review cycle ensure our professionals constantly improve and grow.

While most of the Maia family stays with the firm for over 4 years, we are always excited to see our team members pursue other interests, whether that’s working on the “client side”, completely taking on a new professional direction or returning to higher academic pursuits. Our goal is to ensure that all of our people markedly improve their professional skill set so that they are better prepared to seize the opportunities that life presents them.  It’s good for them, it’s in our company’s best interest and our clients get to see the amazing results our team brings to them every day.

Please click on some of the bios below to learn more about some members of the Maia team.

Chris LeGrand

Vice President

Peter Kenseth

Vice President

Amy Eastman

Senior Consultant

Susan Dudka

Senior Consultant

Hoang Bui

Managing Consultant

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